10 steps to a healthy diet

Make a shopping list. Yes, you can come to the store and put in the basket the usual set of products. But! We are gradually transitioning to proper nutrition, so make sure in advance that the shopping list includes poultry, vegetables and fruits of different colors, greens, cheese, whole grain bread, eggs.

Buy more greens. In the continuation of the previous point – there should be a lot of greens! This is not 2 feathers of green onions, but a full plate of different types of green salad. You will definitely understand the feeling of cheerfulness and freshness that these green “friends” will give you.

Do not go to cafes and shops hungry. Well, with this point, everything is clear. Each of us has sinned by buying or ordering too much unnecessary and unhealthy food from hunger.

Switch to natural sugar. Honey and fruit should replace candy and white sugar in tea. You shouldn’t even think about the latter! If the candy still spends a few calories on digestion, then sweet tea will instantly get into the blood and disrupt stability.

Try to give up street food. Meetings with friends, of course, are not prohibited. However, it is better not to eat in a cafe more than once every 2 weeks. But you can still choose healthier and healthier food than before.

Buy small portions of “junk food.” Not everyone will be able to give up a bag of chips with beer at once, but drinking it with carrots is also a bad option. Therefore, in exceptional cases, once a month you can afford chips, but…the smallest pack. Yes, the big one is cheaper and more profitable, but we want to please ourselves, not overeat.

Stop eating ready meals. Yes, leave the bags of dumplings, frozen chebureks, and pancakes to someone else.

Drink water. Standard advice, but very important and decisive! Be sure to ensure that the body receives the right amount of clean fluid.

Don’t count calories. If you think that proper nutrition is a careful counting of calories and weighing every gram, you are wrong. The only thing you need to take care of is the portion size. Believe me, you will eat half a plate of spaghetti if you add fresh vegetable salad to your diet.

Let healthy food be in sight. Apples, bananas, healthy cereal cookies are right in the center of the table. Do not hide them deep in the refrigerator. Let them always be within reach.

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