10 Tips to Be a Top Reader


Who is a top reader?

As for me it’s a person with reading experience. And that experience isn’t about quantity, which relates to a bookworm or a shutterworm, no, it’s more about using all the read stuff in your life. For example, you have read three books about cooking and still don’t get anything for dinner. Is there an issue in the books? No. The problem is in making out the information. When you’ve read 3 books, but didn’t try to do something, you’ve just wasted your time.

And when after each book you were cooking even one meal — that’s about success.

So, here are 10 useful tips for being a great reader:

  1. First of all you need to choose a topic for development, for example —business in the publishing field.
  2. Next, you have to find one book for a start, buy it and read carefully. Don’t miss anything!
  3. Make quotes with underlying the sentences or highlighting it, also you can write down them for better memorization.
  4. Start integrating the information into practice and experiment how that impacts on your own business.
  5. Talk about a book. Really. Spell the info. Share it with friends; tell them about your experience with using the tips from the book.
  6. Find another topic, for example self-care & mind sharpening. Remember that you need balance.
  7. Reсap all the points from 3 to 5.
  8. Emphasize on tip 4. Composing two different fields in one direction is really a good idea, because you start to think out of the box. And find unexpected decisions to routine issues.
  9. Now you can continue to read more books for your hard skills. But in each two-three books don’t forget to read something different.
  10. When you’ve read about 10-20 pieces of great information come back to your first book. Be sure you will find a lot of new there😉

Well, now it’s only up to you how to act. I wish you luck and a lot of inspiration for reading and reaching your goals!

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