‘100 Ideas that Changed Art,’ Michael Bird

(book review)

Art is an incredible world that every reader can discover, thanks to the book ‘100 Ideas that Changed Art.’

Its author, Michael Bird, has systemized the turning points in art history, from cave paintings to street art, and has demonstrated how new tools and technologies are radically changing the way art is created. This makes the book a real treasure trove of interesting and useful information, because over thousands of years, art has acquired countless forms and incarnations.

“100 is an arbitrary number, and there could easily be 73 or 151 ideas. More importantly, each idea has its own, clearly defined history in art. And at the same time it is described within 500 words. “

Among the advantages of this book, I can name high-quality both informative and illustrative content. ‘100 Ideas that Changed Art’ contains about 300 color illustrations that create a powerful visual accompaniment, turning the book into a journey through eras, styles and ideas. In addition, I like the fact that I can get acquainted with the ideas in any order, focusing on those topics that interest me more. Also, the author’s successful decision was not to use well-known works, but to open new names to the general readers. However, the disadvantage is that some of the information is presented in a slightly difficult form to perceive.

I believe that this book can become a real find not only for those who are interested in art, but also for those who like to fill their lives with new knowledge.

What about evaluation? I am sure that the book “100 Ideas that Changed Art” deserves 5 stars.

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