(derailed fairy tale)

There lived an old man and a woman. The old man asked his wife to bake a gingerbread bun for him. The old woman kneaded the dough and baked a remarkable ruddy bun. She put it on the window cold.

However, soon Bun got tired of lying on the window, he jumped up and ran away from his grannies, cheerily rolling along the path straight into the woods.

In the forest, he first met a bunny, who said, “The Bun, fun run. The Bun well-done. I’ll eat you! Loo-loo, boo!” “Don’t eat me, and I’ll sing you a song,” Bun asked and sang a funny song to the bunny about how his grandmother baked it and how he ran away.

Then he rolled through the wild woods. On the way, he saw a gray wolf and a bear. They also wanted to eat the bun, but he sang his zealous song to everyone and ran away again.

But here the funny gingerbread met a wily fox. He also sang his sunny song to her and wanted to roll on, but the witty fox invited him to drink a cup of sweet-smelling tea with her, just to relax. So when he entered her home, she rushed on the naïve bun and …closed him on 7 locks. The fox fell in love with the bun so much that she did not want anyone to see him and talk to him.
But one day the wolf and the bear decided to visit the fox and saw that she had locked the bouncy bun at home. They decided to save him, but the obsessed fox loved the bun so much that did not want to share him with anyone.

She got so furious that she grabbed the pitchfork placed nearby and killed the baffled bear and the faze wolf right at home.

As for the bun…he was gently baked in the oven and put on the shelf as a reminder of her one-sided love…and unhappy family life.

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