5 countries worth visiting for Christmas

1 Czech Republic

Тhis mythical country is full of various attractions. The Central Square in Prague is a place worth your attention. There you can buy such national dishes as Vepřo knedlo zelo (roasted pork), Řízek (schnitzel) and knuckle. To try the knuckle, you need to visit the restaurant Kozlovna Apropos. After Christmas dinner, Czechs gather at the Christmas tree to drink their world known beer and to sort out and open the gifts they think little Jesus brings.

2 Poland

Christmas is one of the most important holidays for Poles. This is a period of fabulous premonitions and miracles. In the center of the city there are fairs where you can buy national grilled dishes. Here you can taste pies made according to ancient recipes – with prunes, buckwheat and pork, cabbage and mushrooms, lentils, sun-dried tomatoes, cheese, beans, bacon…In addition, you can taste delicious soups: tomato, pumpkin, mushroom, and pea. The famous zhurek and gural sourdough, bigos, sausages. Traditionally, the fairs have a place for tubs of hot fragrant wine, for sweets and honey.

3 Germany

Christmas in Germany is one of the most important holidays, with many traditions. The Germans are very serious about this time, and begin to prepare for it in advance. Christmas in Germany is held in a close family circle. Often people go to church. At Christmas time, Germany turns into a real fairy tale, so this is a great time to come and see the country and get acquainted with German culture.

4 France

Everything around is permeated with the finest thread of joy and a sense of wonder, the spirit of Christmas magic reigns everywhere. Christmas trees are already standing, ornaments in the old style are already hanging: red ribbons and white candles. And on the streets, everywhere, Christmas trees are decorated with lanterns and delight with their natural greenery. Among the dishes on the French table there will be: good meat and of course famous French wines. For the French, the usual Christmas dishes will usually be oysters, foie gras, turkey. Champagne is a tradition at the table, and the French exchange beautiful cards.

5 Italy

Hilarious Italians always look forward to the winter holidays and get ready for them with all responsibility. All houses, restaurants, municipal buildings, parks, streets and trees are decorated with garlands of thousands of colorful lights. Cheerful and side-splitting Italian spirit reigns everywhere/At the same time, the Italians buy lush Christmas trees and decorate them with all sorts of toys, glass balls, tinsel and rain.

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