Use interactive navigation

In PowerPoint, you can insert icons or shapes on the side of a slide and make them hyperlinks to other slides. This is a very good solution for presentations up to 10 slides. High-quality icon navigation solves two problems: allows readers to quickly jump to the desired section and helps to understand where you are currently in the presentation.

Important: if you use navigation, then you can skip the slide numbering — just on each slide, highlight the item in the navigation that the reader is currently on.

The ideal number of slides for a business presentation is 10

Yes exactly. If you don’t believe me, then you should trust Guy Kawasaki, who developed the “10/20/30” rule: 10 slides, 20 minutes to speak and the 30th font in the presentation.

The orientation of the slide is 16:9, not 4:3

The habit of setting 4:3 came from the format of projectors, and PowerPoint in earlier versions made this orientation primary. But most of the screens from which your customers and partners will read your presentation will be in 16:9 orientation. These slides are easier to divide into 2 and 3 sections, which gives you more room to place the blocks of meaning. By the way, in the latest versions of PowerPoint made the primary orientation 16:9.

Modular grid for business presentation

The correct use of the modular grid is 50% of the success of a quality design in your presentation. Use the guides to frame your presentation by padding the sides of the slide. The frame should be the same distance from the top and bottom edges.

Why is it needed?

She will be able to protect you from overloading the slide. And if your content does not fit, then this is a signal to split the slide in two, or to reduce the amount of information to the most important theses.

Dark backgrounds can be used in business presentations

Also, a very common comment from supporters of public presentation rules is not to use a dark background. If you do not plan to print this presentation and splurge on cartridges, then feel free to try writing in white on black. This will make your presentation stand out from the rest.

Important: if you decide to do this, then insert the text exclusively in white, since you need to maintain maximum contrast on the slide.

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