5 New Year’s Locations in Kyiv for photo shooting

Illumination on “Vladimirskaya Gorka”

New Year’s locations have already started operating in Kyiv, where they installed food courts, New Year’s sculptures and lit Christmas trees. For the first time they were connected by a single route. One of the points along the way is the Vladimirskaya Gorka Park. They made two locations with New Year’s illumination and sculptures.

Christmas town in the residential complex “New England”

“New England” turns into a fairy tale every winter. The facades of white houses with columns are decorated with festive illumination, and street lights are “dressed” in Christmas tree compositions with red bows. One of the main attractions of the residential complex is the white fountain. It comes to life in winter in sparkling streams of thousands of bluish light bulbs. There is also a red double-decker bus in the town that glows in the New Year’s illumination. By the way, this bus is a coffee shop where you can meet friends and warm up with hot drinks.

“Winter land at Expocenter of Ukraine (VDNG)

One of the first New Year’s towns, which opened in Kyiv, was a festive town at Expocenter of Ukraine (VDNG). It opened in the format of the annual festival “Winter land at VDNG”. This is a full-fledged Christmas area, which is worth spending more than one hour on. There are several entertainment zones, food courts and light installations on the territory of VDNG.

Carousel on Sofia Square

For many years the main point for all Christmas walks has been Sofia Square. If you didn’t take a photo with a Christmas tree – you had never met the New Year. It is decorated with toys in the shape of forest animals, and a garland hat covers everything, enveloping all visitors of the town. Can you imagine what photos are waiting for you?

Skating rink near the Roshen factory

This is where to take an original photo – a must-have. Everything is decided by the Christmas tree, which was installed in the middle of the rink. The amazing arch was made at its base, through which you can freely drive. However, it is better yet to take photos surrounded by Christmas toys and garlands.

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