“Eco Day is Every Day!”  I guess that this motto should be shared by all students of our University. Our land is suffocating from stacks of scrap and gobs of garbage. What can everyone of us to do to ease the eerie eco-situation? I think that the following tips sound quite reasonable.

The price tag on products.

Most vegetables and fruits can be bought without a package. Glue the price tag on the product itself. Banana, orange, pineapple, pomelo, pumpkin, cabbage and so on. After all you will wash a product or you will remove a peel so the glue harm will not be felt.

  • Cloth Bag and food pouches.

For those products that you buy in kilograms, there are reusable fabric bags (you can buy them, or you can sew yourself from old clothes or bed linen). They can be folded into  cloth bags and carried home. Cereals, nuts, fruits, vegetables-in bags.

So much for buying products without plastic.

  • Do not take too much.

The store parquet is for trinkets, you can just put a thing in your bag. A lid for a coffee/tea cup. A tubule. Especially if you buy food with you and plan to eat at home. Sugar, salt, pepper… If you do not plan to use some product — do not take it.

  • Reusable Cups for coffee/tea. Containers for homemade food. Reusable water bottles.

Yes, Yes, and once again Yes. All this will significantly reduce the amount of your garbage. A nice ‘lollypop’ for you is that most coffee shops make a discount “in your Cup”, which allows you to forget about their purchase very quickly.

  • Buy things wisely and “reanimate” the old ones.

Think about whether this or that thing is important to you. What will it do for you?”

If Yes – buy a high-quality item, preferably from natural materials, which will serve you for a long time. As for the already existing things try to use them longer. Remember the bags from the old t-shirts. Hasta la vista!


Sort the trash. Now more and more containers for separate garbage appear around the city, especially in shopping centers. Sorting will not be difficult. Therefore, don`t forget from what we started, “Eco Day is Every Day!”

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