7 reasons why athletes cheat with food

A cheat meal is a planned violation of the strict diet that you observed the previous days. On the one hand, it was conceived to accelerate the metabolism, to make the digestive system work more actively, but then, it also has a psychological background, a mental trick: it’s much easier to maintain the severity of sports when you have filled your body with carbohydrates or two you can repeat this holiday.

Cheat meal carries many benefits:

  1. Improves the digestive system. It would seem that if you adhere to a balanced diet, then everything should be fine with the esophagus. But the fact is a sports diet involves the use of a large amount of protein. It has a positive effect on muscles but can harm the liver and pancreas. And elementary carbohydrates and fats will relieve the work of organs, therefore improving the overall functioning of the digestive system;
  2. Accelerates metabolism;
  3. Replenishes the lack of calories in the body. If you are on a low carbohydrate diet, while steadily engaged in bodily activity, you may not have enough strength for everyday life, and it is the cheat meal that replenishes them;
  4. Helps to overcome the crisis of weight loss (when the weight stands still and does not fall under physical stress);
  5. It activates the activity of the thyroid gland, which controls the production of heat, which affects all processes in our body;
  6. Positive effect on the hormone leptin, which is responsible for saturation. During the cheat meal, you can fool your body, which for a long time was in short supply and absorbed a minimum of food. That is consuming twice / three times more than its usual daily norm the body, as a rule, does not absorb most of that, which means that the excess is not postponed anywhere;
  7. Favorably affect the nervous system and provide good psychological relief. If you pamper yourself once a week with your favorite goodies, then the next week of a balanced diet will bring you more pleasure. In addition, the risk of disruption is reduced, after which you can feel guilty and become discouraged.

Such a relaxation of the diet is particularly unreflected in the final result, but nevertheless, various standards have been set for different people. If you have much excess weight, it’s better to have a cheat meal every two to three weeks, and if the percentage of fat is low, then you can indulge yourself with immunity once a week. And to get the most pleasure from the cheat meal, meet your friends, in a cafe or restaurant (which by the way reduces the risk of overeating, because you will not order one dish three times and after two more desserts) and get maximum psychological relaxation.

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