8 Сrucial Tips For Young Authors

The first and most important tip is to be yourself. In today’s fast-paced world, we hear a lot more little bits of information, and because of this, we are constantly tired and all our things pile up like a snowball. This is a key ability – to be yourself, to maintain your individual thinking. It can help you in all life situations.

Participation in literary competitions. For example, “Coronation of the Word” or the competitions from the publishing house “Smoloskyp” — a very good tool for publishing your works, although most of them have age restrictions, so theoretically it is easier for young people to break through.

Literary courses. Another good opportunity on the way to the first publication. At these events, well-known writers share their experiences with the younger generation. Here, well-known publishers will be able to suggest how to improve the manuscript and which publisher is the best to contact.

A good example. Use the best examples and methods to publish and post your products. Today we have at least ten of the best publishing houses in Ukraine. We can use their experience to our advantage.

Self-publication. Today, everything has become simpler: thanks to the computer and the focus on versatility, almost anyone can publish a book with a basic knowledge of publishing. But there are two ways out: either write “in a drawer” so that you can then present your publication to the publisher and get consent, or publish yourself. The second method, although more difficult from the point of view of implementation, is much more effective due to the fact that everything will depend solely on you and not on fate. Everyone will have an acquaintance or a buddy who could help in the design, advertising or law, and any printing house will easily fulfill your order. Book publishing is no longer sacred knowledge: anyone can use a program like Photoshop or InDesign to design their work.

Exclusive publications. Surprisingly, despite the crisis in the market, expensive editions go well – with a dazzling design, and high quality paper. They are bought more actively than some cheap booklets. The attitude to the present day books today is different. Today, printed books still play the role of decor, despite their affordability. It’s good when publishers are not afraid to take risks and make pleasing but costly projects like “Tasha and the Cactus” – a huge gift coloring page with interactive elements.

Competitions. This is a great opportunity for young and talented authors to prove themselves. The competition is fierce, but it’s a really good opportunity. Thematic competitions from literary organizations and publishers, which usually end with the publication of selected texts of the winners, i.e. in this way the organizations, provide the necessary content for the future book, accompanied by publicity.

Own blog. Even in 2022, this tool remains relevant. Having a base of your subscribers or supporters, you have much more opportunities to promote your products on the market. Today, publishers and authors are already using these resources, but there are still opportunities for promotion, there is little competition.

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