‘A Beautiful Mind’ by Sylvia Nazar

(Book review)

‘A beautiful mind’ is a biographical novel written by Sylvia Nazar, a writer, journalist and economist.

The book is about John Nash, the brilliant mathematician and Nobel laureate, who revolutionized game theory. But from genius to madness is one step – and this phrase describes John very well. Nash spent most of his life in the fight against incurable ailment – paranoid schizophrenia, but at the same time he could rationally think and write scientific works.

It was not easy with John Nash. He was eccentric, proud, and ignored other people’s feelings. But he was lucky with his wife, who was able to find and understand his true self and stayed with John until the last. “Perhaps it is good to have a beautiful mind, but an even greater gift is to discover a beautiful heart.” In my opinion. this quote belongs to the best ones in this book.

I find it difficult to find flaws, but it may seem boring for lengthy terminological mathematical and other scientific explanations. At the same time, it allowed me to touch the brilliant brainstorms of genius people.

‘A beautiful mind’ is not a dry story about mathematical science. Rather, it is a book about how to be gifted, sick and stranger to others. About what goes on in the head of a genius full of irrelevant illusions, about the attitude of society towards unusual people.

This book captured me from the first pages and I am sure that everyone will find something for himself or herself in it, so I recommend reading it. 5 stars.

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