‘A Dog’s Journey 2’

(film review)

An American film directed by Gail Mancuso. The film is based on Bruce Cameron’s novel ‘The Journey of a Good Dog’ and is a sequel to ‘Dog’s Life.’
The world premiere took place on May 17, 2019.

This film uses all the techniques to get into the soul of the viewer, to evoke empathy, excitement. Maybe even manipulation is involved, but all for the sake of living real emotions.

This film has a comedic-dramatic plot, suitable for family viewing, or with friends.

Bailey’s dog lives a happy life with his “man” Ethan and his wife Hannah and their little granddaughter CJ. Everyone lives peacefully, everything seems good, nothing portends trouble. But all happiness ended when the girl’s mother CJ decided to pick up the girl and move with her to the city.

Bailey’s dog lived several lives before reuniting with its first owner. But the chain of his rebirths did not end there. He returns to the puppy’s body, receives the nickname Molly and performs a new mission – to bring happiness to the troubled teenage girl CJ.

“A Dog’s Journey 2 ” touches the hearts of the most of people and uses probably the whole set of forbidden tricks to jerk people`s tears. Personally, when I watched this film, I also got some moments when my eyes got misty. After all, there was a too emotional farewell of the owners to the pet. To emphasize this moment, it was repeated several times in the course of the film. There were cancer patients, touching reconciliations of relatives, and ta hair-raising history of friendship over the years.

This film is designed for people who want to rethink something, change their attitude to something. For young viewers, this film is not appropriate, because it raises serious issues and it will be difficult for them to perceive. My rating is 9/10.

When a person goes to watch this movie, of course, he or she reads the film review and understands at least what genre it has and what it will be about, so you should know that you need to take a pack of napkins and a bottle of clean water….

Good viewing!

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