A girl whose tongue is longer than her hair

(Humorous story)

My female friend Ksenia is a smart and  sociable girl. However,  she  has one drawback – she chats too much. And that is why she often finds herself in senseless and funny situations. As they say: A sharp tongue is a talent, a long tongue is a punishment.

Once, we went with her to the movie for the premiere of the film “Once and Hollywood.” From the very beginning, I realized that I would not be able to see the movie in detail because Ksenia would talk constantly. But in the end, she is my female friend and I value our friendship. We went inside the ‘Multiplex’  and queued for popcorn. I listened carefully to Ksenia, though it seems to me that I am not alone. After all, Xenia talked quite loudly. Her story lasted 20 minutes. And then there was a phrase in which she said that her colleague at the meeting spoke 100 words in a minute and didn’t let her insert a single word. Then Ksenia added that she could not tolerate such people.

Suddenly, one of the guys behind us, smiling sweetly, said, ‘It can’t be that someone is talking more than you. You’ve been chatting for 30 minutes without stopping!’ We stood in silence for 30 seconds in astonishment. And then we laughed out loud. Ksenia finally realized that she was talking as much as her colleague.

This time I managed to watch the movie without any unnecessary comments and conversations. For 2 hours, Xenia remained silent. By the way, that guy Jack became our friend who always pokes jokes and entertains us.

15, October

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