A Hard Path

(story with bandwagon)

Jennifer has never been a slim girl. When she was little, she used to go to her grandmothers very often and eat there all the pies and cupcakes and she was really happy.

When she grew up, she decided to lose the weight because she started to develop some high blood sugar symptoms and she didn’t like the person she saw in the mirror. So, one day, when she was scrolling through some websites about how to lose weight, she came across the advert “How to lose weight in 10 days and love yourself. More than 80% of American women could do that.” She was intrigued because that sounded great. I mean, losing weight in 10 days sounds great, right?

Anyway, Monday came and Jennifer took the bull by the horns. She followed the diet that was published under the advert, she exercised a lot… And in 10 days she was the completely different person. She lost 10 kilos but it was a nightmare. On the fifth day of her path, she started to have stomach pains and horrible migraines. Till the end of day 10 she was in the hospital with the ulcer.

Well, don’t worry, she’s okay now but it took her a lot of time to recover. So the thing is, do not believe all those words about achieving great results in no time, that’s true but nobody says that you pay for it with your own health.

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