A Little Help In The Great War


More than 50 days have passed since the day the full-scale Ukrainian – Russian war began. I know that the war has been going on for a long time, but what happens now is louder and closer. My village was shelled several days ago, and my father was there at that time…

I am with my mother and sisters in the Lviv region; we are safe now. Every morning Dad calls Mom to let us know he’s alive and well.

My brother, my sisters, and I go to the Humanitarian Refugee Center every day. We try to help people who, like us, left home because of the war and live in this city. Different people come to the help center. Some are very scared, without things and money. Volunteers give them food, medicine and clothes. My sisters and I try to reassure women with warm words and hugs, as well as entertain children with toys and sweets. This is the least we can do now for our country, for our people.

There are, of course, other people. There are volunteers who help, but forget to treat people warmly and comfortably. They shout and quarrel being sharp and prickly. However, they can be understood. Often those who do not need much help but ask a lot of assistance; and there are people who treat volunteers and my sisters and me as service personnel or even servants. When I first met this attitude, I was disgusted. I asked myself, “Why do people behave so strangely?” It seems that the reason for this lies in emotions. The Ukrainian people are now scared, aggressive or just tired. People do not know where to put their emotions. I hope that a psychologist will appear in this center soon, because the displaced emotions of people pass on to me. I also feel tired, angry and sad. I choke on these feelings every day. It’s hard for me… But who is easy now? I will continue to help our war-torn people, but firstly I need to help myself. I don’t know how to do it or who can help me instead. It seems that only victory will save me, only the end of this war will save us all, the injured and maimed children and teenages of Ukraine…

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