A Painted Fairy Tale

At three o’clock in the morning, the girl was sitting in her room at the private house, drawing her homework from university again on a graphics tablet. It was not the first sleepless night, it was reminded by a few empty cups of coffee, which helped to stay up at night and sit in the morning on the distance lessons. Outside the window there was an opaque darkness in which the forest was disappearing. The atmosphere of the house did its thing – it was a little scary, but also cozy.

This time the girl was working on a big project that would have to be submitted at the end of the semester – to develop her own illustrated fairy tale. She enthusiastically undertook this task because she liked this topic and where else but in the middle of nature to draw a fairy tale. She immediately came up with the idea of creating a fairy tale about forest dwellers of different types – from foresters to fairies. The girl was just sitting and diligently drawing one of the main characters – a dark-haired pretty fairy and heard a scratch in the window. She wouldn’t notice it, but it was getting harder and harder, so she overcame her fear and went to the window to open it. Her eyes encountered something incredible – the fairy she had drawn a few seconds ago was right in front of her.

“Yeah, wait, I’ve probably had too much coffee or overslept a little,” the girl muttered, pinching herself, and shaking her head. But the fairy never disappeared.

“No, it’s me, real and alive in front of you,” said the creature. “You have better come with me and I’ll show you something.”

“Why do I have to go with you? You are just a figment of my imagination and no more, you do not exist,” the girl shrugged her shoulders.

“Even so, big deal?” said the fairy, and in a second she took the girl by the hand and pulled her out of the house window. A second later, she seemed to make the girl soar above the ground with her whippy wings.

“For Heaven’s sake, what is going on? Let me go,” the girl tried to escape, but her body, as if enchanted, kept on following the beautiful stranger.

After a while, they found themselves in the middle of a meadow in a dark forest, where the girl saw something strikingly splendid – all the heroes of her fairy tale roamed here and there, someone played football, some of them talked to each other or just lay down and rested. There were all of them – three fairy sisters, who restored the balance of the magical world throughout the tale, foresters with water, who were the masters of the forest, animals, which always helped them in this.

“And what is happening in general?” The still shocked girl asked.

“I just wanted to show you that your world is not fictional at all, but real,” the fairy replied.

“But how does it happen so? It is just impossible.”

“Everything is possible in the world, and not always a fairy tale is a fairy tale. For some, this is the reality. Do not be afraid, just look around.”

The girl obeyed and walked being frightened across the lawn. There she looked at each of her heroes, but they were all …real. She saw that all her drawings got alive and it really wasn’t something artificial. Everything could be touched — so she approached the stream and held out her hand to it. But suddenly she was pushed by a dwarf… stepped into the icy water and suddenly…

The girl flinched and opened her eyes sharply – she was in her room and just fell asleep at the table, right on her picture.

“Wow, these dreams lead to success, they have just helped me to imagine the full picture of my project…

She calmly went to the bed, but did not notice that the sneakers standing in the corner of the room were wet…

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