October 7, 2020. The Ivano-Frankivsk City State Veterinary Hospital received a notification that at the night of October 6-7, a fox ran into a private farm on the streets of Chornovil. The dog, kept on the farm, was bitten by a fox.

The owner of the animal reported this case to the police department and the municipal service of KP ‘Polygon.’ The fox was caught and euthanized. The results of laboratory research established fox rabies. A dog that had contact with a wild animal was given a course of forced anthrax vaccination against rabies by specialists of the State Veterinary Service. Disinfection was carried out on the territory of the farm.

In the danger area, all necessary measures are taken to localize the disease in accordance with the current instructions. Specialists of the State Veterinary Service conduct rounds to vaccinate all dogs and cats against rabies.

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