A student’s day that repeated

(magic realism story)

On Sunday evening Sophia decided to watch the legendary film ‘Groundhog Day.’ In the film, the protagonist is stuck in a day that repeats itself. “What a marvelous example of magical realism!” Sophia thought. The hero was very funny to watch, but I felt pity for him. Sophia wondered if she were stuck in her day: “Well, no! This is nonsense!” Having overlooked the film, she went to bed.

Monday. The alarm clock is ringing. Sophia turns off the sound with displeasure and goes to bed further. Again the alarm clock. She gets up angrily and starts to make the bed. Goes to wash. In the mirror, a displeased face and disheveled hair. Goes to the kitchen to prepare breakfast. As always, oatmeal with fruits, dried fruits and seeds. Sits down to eat. Malnourished. Going to the university. She tore her tights. Angrily puts on pants instead of a skirt. Leaves the house. I forgot my student`s ID. Came back. Now it definitely comes out. Hurrying on the way to the university, she stumbles and enters in a puddle. Feet got wet. “I got up on the wrong foot …” thought Sophia. Again boring lessons. Lots of tasks. That’s all – home! On the way to Sophia, a cyclist crashes. “Are you blind? Can’t you see me?” The guy asked for help and said that the sun blinded him. “What a day it is! It couldn’t be worse!” “As an apology, let me buy you some tea, otherwise the weather forecast should be rainy.” “What rain? You’re definitely blind.” Sophia said angrily and went away. Five minutes after, thunderclouds gathered and a downpour began. Sophia got wet… Like a wet hen…It couldn’t get any worse. Maybe she just hadn’t known about it yet. Arriving home, Sophia rapped out: “I wish this day would be over!”

A new day has come. Alarm clock. Oatmeal. Tights. Student. Puddle. “Stop! What? It can’t be!” Lessons. The cyclist. Rain. “No, no, no, just not that! Why does everything duplicate itself?” Sophia decides to watch the film in the evening and realized that every day and moment of life should be appreciated.

Alarm clock. Smile. Warm-up. Delicious oatmeal. Dress. Workout. Oh yes, the student`s ID! The puddle was jumped over. On lessons she sparkled with intelligence. The cyclist was blinded by her beauty. It started to rain. Again. Sophia and her boyfriend-cyclist sat in a cafe and chatted about magical realism. He did not believe her words that the day could repeat itself! But he believed her eyes…He took the maximum out of life…and she thought, “Why not?”

Do you think Sophia got out of an endless awkward student`s day? Of course yes!

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