A Trip To A Mysterious Town

(magic realism story)

Every year, when autumn comes to a big city, where nothing is heard except the sounds of cars, sirens and human voices – Marie feels tired and immediately thinks of buying tickets to a town that is not on the map. And it’s not a joke. A small town without a name and without a mark on the map does exist, but behind the fog and high mountains no one notices the quiet place with its rules and laws.

Marie learned about this town from her grandmother, who was born there but moved out of there under strange circumstances. The girl remembered as a child she traveled by train with her grandmother to the station, the name of which was constantly changing. My grandmother explained this by the fact that people do not need to remember that name, because this station is the beginning of a journey to a mysterious town ‘without a name.’

It’s October again. Rains. Fog. Mountains. At last Marie is leaving and feels that this town is waiting for her.

Marie got off at the same station, and the train began to leave the station slowly, because still, except for the girl, no one got off the train and no one got on. Silence and serenity, forest and fog, and no one around. The names of the stations are no longer changed, because there were no signs on the fence. Marie realized that communication in this town was no longer catching, and a year ago she could call her grandmother’s neighbors, who were happy to meet the girl. Marie decided to go by heart on her own.

The next morning the girl woke up in a small house. How did she get there? Marie could not even imagine, because the last thing the traveler remembered was that she walked for a long time through the woods with a heavy suitcase, not grasping where she was going. And then again, and she was there.

Marie mentioned that these were the secrets of this town. So Marie decided to go on an adventure. As soon as she left the yard of the house, she immediately found herself at the ‘magic’ fair, where loud music was played, magic herbs were sold, hot drinks were enjoyed and everyone danced in a large circle. The girl immediately fell in a whirlpool of events, where she was invited to dance in a circle. Marie didn’t notice anything but the wild energy around her, so she didn’t even notice that from the wild dancing everyone started to rise to the clouds, to fly somewhere sky-high, and Marie was spinning with them.

After the ‘wild’ dances, Marie met a guy who told her that only the chosen ones could find and see this town, which did not really exist, and it was all just an illusion. And when Marie asked if he existed, then the guy definitely answered: “It’s all your illusion …” The girl did not understand where the truth was and where her fantasies were, so she decided to continue dancing, leaving all thoughts for tomorrow. Marie received a red flower from that mysterious guy when she left the fair, but she did not have any time to buy anything there.

The girl spent the next few days with the guy who showed her the area, introduced her to his friends, told the legends of the place and gave flowers. He was incredibly interesting, and at the same time enigmatic. The guy did not talk about himself and said that he had never had a name. Marie admired his personality, not realizing that she was in love.

A week passed, and Marie seemed to forget that she needed to go home to a big city where she had never felt that there was ‘no name’ in that town. But sooner or later everything passes, so a week later Marie opened her eyes in her bed. The girl could not understand whether this trip was a reality? She fell in love, but she didn’t remember how she got home, she didn’t even remember the face of the guy she was in love with. The girl realized that it was all a dream. Such a real and sweet dream…

The girl started going to work without noticing a red flower on a blanket given to her by this magical young man.

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