Absurdity As Means of Information Warfare… Sick Surrealism…

(opinion article)

The mass media of Russia aimed its information blow at the very foundations of the consciousness of Ukrainian citizens. The absurd became one of the key means of the information warfare.

If you get acquainted with the coverage of the events in Eastern Ukraine on Russian television, or just watch separatist web resources, you will get the impression that you have visited the absurd afterlife. In this mirror, two ‘young and noble states’ are waging a desperate war against a bloody invader; thousands of occupiers die in the Southern Cauldron; fascist punishers crucify boys, poison ponds, rape girls and burn civilians with phosphorus. In Ukraine rules chaos and anarchy, the Right Sector and Verka Serdiucha singing songs about Bandera! Halleluiah! As for Russia, it is waging the war against the insidious Western World for the good of the whole humanity, while a happy Soviet past lies ahead of all honest people!

And this is not a malarial delusion. This is an information space, a virtual world in which Ukrainian citizens live under occupation. It looks as if the Russian mass media, having exhausted all fresh ideas, has launched a reality show of a sick surrealism, where millions are unfree participants.

The present-day absurd does not fit into the common sense; it sounds like the complete nonsense. In the XXI century, having well studied the vast world experience of propaganda, Russia directs its informational flows into the hearts of Ukrainians…however, they are closed to the dirty streams of info-shit, being open to the Ukrainian lullabies and folk songs, freedom and the rule of law!

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