Action Without Hesitation. Stand up and fight!


Do not lose the best moments in your life just because you are not sure.
— Nicolas Cage.

We billion times can come up with a list of a thousand items, why we can’t do what we truly want.  We are often worried about the result and ask ourselves whether it will be ‘too little’ or ‘too much.’  We are afraid of overdoing for the sake of our dreams, we run the risk of not realizing it at all.  You convince yourself a million times what is right and what is wrong, when in fact both variants are not appropriate.  There is just a choice to tell truth or lie, to feel happy or desperate, deciding that nothing will work out. There is a choice to joke / say / confess or to be afraid of the reaction of others; to wear some masks or to be real.  It all depends on the framework that we built in our own heads.  These are rules that are sometimes turned against us.  Not letting us achieve more.  Always shut up, break off your phrases, be afraid to say too much.  We decide for others, they decide for us, and together we miss the chance to be happier.

We always stop dreaming, convincing ourselves that this is unrealistic.  We do not always know how to believe, putting into our heads the thoughts that we cannot realize.

And sometimes the missing 1% of faith becomes an obstacle to achieve real goals.  We are afraid to cross the invisible line; we always walk along it, trying to catch the balance.  We are afraid to turn right or left, doubting a lot.  We always try to catch the line between emotion and feeling, between bitter and sweet, between craziness and adequacy.  But the whole point is that if you do not accept it completely and do not recognize the truth, you will not be happy. We are scared by public opinions and attitudes, laws and principles.  We rely on them to justify our indecision or fear of doing something special.  It is definitely easier to be driven into some rules and frameworks instead of standing our ground and doing something unique…

And sometimes, in order to feel happiness, you need to step into the abyss without thinking whether it is right or not.

It is a mistake to fall in order to feel weightlessness, freedom of action, flight of thought and emotions.  Indeed, in fact, the main thing is to find peace and harmony of your soul.  To get it you need to take risks, to do something original, what you really want.  Our fears are justified by the fact that we are afraid of not achieving or losing something or someone.  But in fact, we lose more, not daring to do what we want.  So, hit it harder, try it, and you get a chance for success. Do you remember the eternal, “Stand up and fight?” So, STAND UP and FIGHT!

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