Adult Problems

The extreme news that excited the Ukrainians sounds something like this: “The authorities want to introduce a complete quarantine.” For many adults, this sounds like a sentence: they will not have the opportunity to earn money to feed their families; not all professions can afford remote activities. For example, a doctor cannot treat his patients at a distance; he can only give recommendations. In a case of a surgery operation, the doctor cannot be at a distance, therefore, for people whose profession cannot manifest itself at a distance, this is a big problem.

And the main question that torments all people who fall under the percentage of those who will be very hard: “How to make money to feed your family?”

But, these are all understandable and everyday things that are constantly discussed by everyone, and more than once.

Nevertheless, I am interested in how children feel during the milestones of these world problems. After all, it is also difficult for them. They want to walk, chat with friends, have fun, go to their favorite sport sections, and so on. But, in the distance, like everyone else, they were locked in apartments or houses and told to take care of themselves.

Children are incredibly happy to have a lot of time with their parents, but they also yearn for their fun weekdays.

They see their friends only through the camera, play with the screen, learn lessons, endure educational lectures from their parents and become just as hostages of situations as adults.

My article is not just titled “Problems of Adults”, because the problems of children are the problems of adults. Parents of their children are very concerned about this lifestyle of their children because they want to give full-fledged emotions to children so that with the help of these emotions they have wonderful memories.

I do not pretend to say what is bad and what is good. But, I can say one thing for sure: walking in the fresh air cannot be prohibited.

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