Air Strike in Berdychiv


March 16, 2022. In the morning, the first air strike took place in Berdychiv, the Zhytomyr region. This information was published on the website of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Ukraine and the National Police of Ukraine.

Policemen of the Berdychiv regional department started working on the spot and recording the circumstances and consequences of the missile strike. So far, law enforcement officials have reported about two people injured and buildings damaged near the local military unit.

In general, the Berdychiv community is completely ready to defend the city since the beginning of the brutal Russian invasion. The Territorial Defense has successfully arrested dozens of saboteurs that were caught drawing tags near key infrastructure and usual residential buildings.

Almost every day there are reports from various questionable sources about possible air strikes, as Berdychiv used to be an important military point in the Zhytomyr region. That is why the occupiers can target this area using outdated maps. Enemies try to demoralize the population by spreading fakes. Berdychiv Mayor Serhiy Orlyuk and the Center for Combating Disinformation at the National Security and Defense Council of Ukraine emphasize that it is important to use only verified sources of information, not to panic and to be in safe places when the sirens are turned on.

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