Alice’s Adventure

This is Alice and she is a cat. She liked to joke, she was a kind of a bully. Often some smug cats and deserted dogs tried to offend her, but they did not succeed. In this yard, and in others too, about her knew and spoke with respect. Alice gained the authority of a strong cat.

However, some time ago, when Alice was still a kitten, two black cats began to cling to her. In the twilight, Alice saw only the eyes of those ghosts. They slyly crept up, abruptly scratched her and bit the left ear, with laughing nick-nick mugs.

They were driven away by a brave dog named Sheriff. He was like a policeman in this yard, and now he has become a friend of Alice. It didn’t matter to her that he was a dog. It was enough that he was an animal with a good soul.

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