All-Ukrainian Congress of Witches!

(Essay on magic realism)

Once, in a Ukrainian village near the city of Cherkasy, a witch named Oksana received a message: “The All-Ukrainian congress of witches will be held in the city of Kyiv, namely in the Green Theater, when Saturn comes in Aquarius.” And so, when Saturn was in Aquarius, Oksana milked the cows, packed her things in the store, changed her broom for a winter one and flew away towards Kyiv. She was traveling on a broom highway at a speed of 150 kilometers per hour, did not stop at the request of a policeman and turned around on a double air solid line. There was again no room for flying brooms in the parking lot, and Oksana left the broom on the sidewalk, blocking the exit.

At the congress of all witches, they discussed the sensational news: next year they will introduce mandatory technical inspection of magical vehicles! Oksana thought that she needed to drive a new broom from Poland, but then she remembered that in the 19th century she had robbed a store in Poznan, so she decided never to fly to this country again. They learned from their superiors that technical inspection could be passed for a ridiculous price if you had good acquaintances. Oksana flew to her village and on the way back was again violating air traffic rules…

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