Amazon Employee, Be Funny and Dirty!

Ardin Williams, Amazon’s vice president of employee development, during Amazon Career Day in the USA talked about what HR managers pay attention to when recruiting them.
“I would advise you to think about the principles of leadership, and they undoubtedly are the foundation of our company”, said Ardin Williams.
She also added it would be nice to recall a few stories before the interview about how you showed your leadership qualities: “What stories that cover your work in the context of leadership principles you can tell me as a recruiter or hiring manager?”

What else should the applicant be?

Among other qualities that will help you get an interview for a position in a vast company, according to the vice president of human resources at Amazon:

  • striving for the best result;
  • desire to learn and active curiosity;
  • interest in competitors;
  • «Obsession with consumers».

Ardin Williams also said that a big plus for an applicant at Amazon is knowledge of their field at all levels: “We expect leaders at all levels to own the data and be ready to get their hands dirty”.

She also advised telling a joke or a funny life story in the interview.

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