An accident that changed my life

Little Friend


My life was always so predictable and sustainable. There were no crazy things or reckless concessions. So normal… But one situation changed my humdrum routine. It was an ordinary summer, with the shining sun and the singing birds. However, soft squeaks interrupted that idyll.

I found a little nestling lying on the ground. Of course, I couldn’t keep it there, so I took it home and that was the moment when our story started. I was looking after my little buddy for 2 months. I fed it up, cleaned after it and of course gave lots of love. But time had passed and our story had to end, my friend grew up and needed other companions, and I had to let him go. So, one day my bestie had a regular flight as he had every morning, but this time he never came back, but I know that everything is fine, he is safe and happy.

That situation changed my life completely. I learned to take responsibility for others and to be older and serious.

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