Angel Guardian

(Magic realism story)

Lilith moved quickly down the empty street. As usual, she hurriedly had breakfast in the morning and was already 30 minutes late for the meeting. The girl forgot to turn on the alarm clock again. Fortunately, the voice of a stranger in a dream woke her up today.

A phone call caught Lilith in the middle of the crosswalk. She paused for a few seconds to pick up the phone and froze in fright. The bus was riding at high speed, and the driver did not even think to stop.

The girl screamed in horror and closed her eyes. And then, appearing out of nowhere, someone picked up Lilith and took her to the sidewalk in a second. She felt as if she were flying above the ground. “Are you okay?” a suspiciously familiar voice asked. Lilith opened her eyes and recognized the silhouette of a stranger from her dreams.

“Yes … I guess,” she replied frightened. “Who are you? How were you able to save me so quickly?” Lilith began to ask. Her savior did not answer, just smiled mysteriously. The stranger turned his back on the girl and walked down the street, turning into a small alley between the pharmacy and the store. Lilith followed him slowly, but the man disappeared. Instead, she felt a sudden breeze and saw several white feathers coming down to her feet from the sky.

“He is… – angel,” she lowered her voice and looked around with suspicion. In a while she kept on,”Oh My God, do forgive me…Our Father in Heaven, hallowed be your name…”

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