Annie, Santa and Ho-Ho-Ho

Once upon a time, a little girl Annie decided to help her old Grandfather Arthur. He was a Hulk man just only several years ago and suddenly got ill and turned into a low life goner moved to the gloomy ‘Death Valley Hospital.’  

Annie looked through all fairy tales in her big bookcase, not forgetting to skim all dusty loft library, and just only after opening an old oak chest she breathed out with relief.

“Yeah! I need Santa Claus! That`s what I thought! It is written here that he knows where to get the living water which can give my beloved Grampa his former health and strength!”

Annie opened the old book and found out that in summer he lived in the North Pole and in winter he went back to Lapland!

Not thinking a lot, Annie took her pink purse, bought a one-way ticket and flew immediately to Lapland leaving her father and mother a short note, “My dear Mom and Dad, I took two wooden buckets and went to Lapland to see my lovely Santa Claus. I want to bring his living water for my unhappy Grandfather. I know for sure it will help him to become once again sunny and funny, wealthy and healthy!”

Having arrived at Lapland airport, Annie did not lose her time, took a taxi, and set off to Santa`s residence. Her way was not easy. All fancy forest was capped with sparkling snowflakes; all hilly land was covered with shining snowbanks…

Though her taxi was broken by a hungry and chunky, angry and gangstry bear, roaming and seeking food between the lofty pines, she did not give up. She gave him all her lollipops from her small pink purse and kept on hiking.

She went day and night and suddenly met a red fox lamenting and looking at her wounded paw with a whooper wooden splinter. Now waiting a minute, Annie pulled out pincers from her pink purse, presented to her by her Granddad-of-all-trades, and drew out the spiky splinter.

“Thank you very much, girlie! You have a kind heart!” Red Fox licked the cheek of Annie and showed her the shortest way to the residence of Santa Claus.

Annie went on overcoming all snowy obstacles, remembering that her Granddad needed the living water and waited for her desperately in ‘Death Valley Hospital.’ Soon she met a weeping wolf whose hairy paw was caught with a metallic mantrap.

Grey Wolf looked at the girl with begging eyes and asked her to set him free. Annie had a kind heart and immediately used a small turn-screw gifted to her by her skillful Grampa. Unlike the other girls, she kept a lot of other tools in her pink purse. She did it because she loved her Grandfather very much.

Grey Wolf thanked Annie and offered to help her to find the way to Santa Claus log house. Besides, he hinted that the wildwood had a lot of brute beasts and such little and beautiful girl like Annie needed a good guard in this terrifically thick timberland.

Annie got on the back of her big buddy and rode right to the shimmering house of long-bearded Santa.

To say that Santa Claus was shocked it meant to say nothing! He circled around Annie sitting on the back of Grey Wolf and goggled saying nothing.

Just in a minute or two, he calmed down a bit and said with his scratchy voice, “Ho, ho, ho! Very few boys and girls dare to visit me before Christmas Eve! Good girls should be obedient and not leave their folks without any permission!”

Annie started to cry, “Dear Santa! But my Granddad is dying! Nobody can help him except you! I came to see you without the invitation because I love my Grampa very much! From fairy tales, I know that you have the living water which could make him again sunny and funny, wealthy and healthy! Help me, please! I ask you very much! I don`t need any gifts and candies for this Christmas, I need just only this living water! You see, I brought even two wooden buckets with me!”

Santa scratched his white head and looked at sitting Grey Wolf and peeping Red Fox…On reflection, he brought a very long staircase and put it right before Annie`s nose, “Very seldom I do it, but you are a very gracious and good-natured girl. You fed Big Brown Bear. You treated Smart Red Fox You saved my Goofy Grey Wolf. So, climb up the staircase to the Seventh Heaven. Thee you will find the well with the crystalline clean living water. Take exactly two buckets of water. Now more and not less! Don`t forget to thank it and to bow low. After that immediately climb down!”

Like a keen kitty, little Annie leaped up the ladder. She did everything as wise Santa said. She took exactly two buckets of the living water and brought them cautiously back to the snowy land.

Smiling Santa did not waste the time; his reindeer sleigh headed by Red-nosed Rudolf was ready to fly right to the ‘Death Valley Hospital.’ “Ho, ho, ho,” said Santa.

“Ho, ho, ho,” answered Annie and kissed the cheeks of Smart Red Fox and Goofy Grey Wolf. They were so pleased that they even waved happily their long tails like petite puppies. She thanked them for their help and wished them, “Merry Christmas!”

In a while, under the hilarious melody of ‘Jingle-bells, jingle-bells, jingle all the way…’ Annie and Santa bypassed big and small stars, paving the way to the old Granddad trapped in a hospital bed.

Annie did not spill even a drop of the living water from her wooden buckets, and did not make a mistake. Just only after the last drink of the living water her Grandfather stood up from a hospital bed and once again turned into a former funny and sunny, healthy and wealthy man.

“Thank you, Santa! I always believed in your magic! May your Lapland log house as well as the North Pole ice castle be filled with joy and love!” Annie jumped around Santa Claus as a happy hare around a fresh carrot.

“Thank you, Annie! Thank you, Santa! I always believed in your big heart! May your Mrs. Claus love you forever!” Granddad shook the hand of smiling Santa.

Here the end of the story. Everyone lived happily after that. If Santa says loudly, “Ho, ho, ho,” he knows what he does.

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