‘Antytila,’ Musical History


Antibodies’ of Ukrainian show business ‘Antytila’ (‘Antibodies’) is one of the most famous Ukrainian pop-rock bands. Ten years of its existence led to the release of six studio albums and surpassed the way from small concert halls to thousands of stadiums.

‘Antytila’ owe their name to the song of the same name by frontman Taras Topolya performed in one of the Kyiv clubs in 2004. The composition tells about the opposites that are very different, but cannot exist without each other.

The philosophical subtext of the song became decisive for the band and was firmly established in the name of the band. The official founding date of the band is considered to be 2008. It was then that ‘Antytila’ began their moving musical activity. In the summer the band signed the first record deal with ‘Catapult Music,’ and in the fall they released their debut album.

“BuduVudu” consists of 16 songs. The clip for the song of the same name for two weeks conquered the top of the hit parade on the M1 channel and brought musicians all-Ukrainian popularity, great victories and recognitions.

During its existence, the composition of the ‘Antytila’ group has changed several times. Unchanged remains the leader of the band, Taras Topolya, who is the author of the most of the lyrics. During ten years of Antytila’ s musical activity, they released six studio albums.

Behind the band are three dozen music videos, several soundtracks to famous movies and TV series (“Lonely,” “School,” “I, you, he, she.”), eight tours and the national record of Ukraine. Every year the artists are nominated for various national awards and win prestigious music awards. Among them there are the victory in the nomination in the category of “Best Rock Guru” and “Best Album” (2018) of the YUNA Award; nomination in the category “Hit of the Year ”(2018) of the M1 Music Awards.

‘Antytila’ songs are at the forefront of radio and music charts TV channels. “TDME,” “Beliefs,” “Catch the moment,” “Everything is beautiful,” “BuduVudu” – the lyrics of these hits are known and sung by tens of thousands of music lovers.

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