Apple, Bear and Law


It was late autumn. Leaves flew from the trees for a long time, and only at the top of the wild apple tree was a single apple still hanging. In this autumn season, Hare ran through the forest and saw an apple. But how to get it? The apple is hanging high – you won’t jump! The Hare looks – a crow sits on a tree and laughs.

“Hey, Crow!“ shouted the Hare. “Take me an apple!”

The crow flew from the tree to the apple tree and plucked the apple. But it cracked and fell down.

“Thank you, Crow!” said Hare and wanted to pick up the apple, but it, as a living creature, suddenly hissed … and ran away. What?

Hare was frightened, but later he realized: the apple fell directly on Hedgehog, who, curled up in a ball, was sleeping under the apple tree. A hedgehog, jumped up and started to run, and the apple clung to thorns.

“Wait, wait!” shouts the Hare. “Where did you drag my apple?”

Hedgehog stopped and said, “This is my apple. It fell, and I caught it.”

The hare jumped to the Hedgehog,“Now give my apple back! I found him!”

A crow flew up to them.

“You argue in vain,” he says, “this is my apple, I plucked it myself.”

No one can agree with each other, everyone shouts, “My apple!”

Scream, noise over the whole forest. And already the fight begins. It was then that the Bear appeared and started to roar, “What? What’s that noise?”

All to him, “You, Bear, are the largest and the most intelligent animal in the forest.” Judge us honestly. They say you saw a law book! How you decide, so be it.”

And they told the Bear everything as it was.

The bear thought, scratched behind his ear and asked,

“Who found the apple?”

“That`s me!” said the Hare.

“And who picked the apple?”

“I am!” croaked crow.

“Good. And who caught it?”

“I caught!” the hedgehog squeaked.

“That’s what,” the Bear reasoned, “all of you are right, and therefore each of you must get an apple…”

“But there is only one apple!” said Hedgehog, Hare and Crow.

“Divide this apple into equal parts and let everyone take one piece.”

All animals exclaimed in unison,

“How could we not have guessed before?”

The hedgehog took an apple and divided it into four parts. One piece gave to Hare,

“This is for you, Hare, you saw the first apple.”

The second piece gave Crow, “This is for you, Crow. You plucked the apple.”

The third piece Hedgehog put in his mouth, “This is for me because I caught an apple.”

The Hedgehog put the fourth piece in the paw of Bear, “And this is for you, Bear…”

“What for?” the Bear got surprised.

“You helped us as a lawyer. You taught us intelligence!”

Everyone ate his own piece of apple and was happy because Bear reasoned fairly and did not offend anyone.

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