April Adams

(magic realism story)

April Adams couldn’t understand why she wasn’t noticed. The house where she lived was always busy, and somehow too crowded. Everywhere there were people scurrying about, and it often seemed that there was nothing to do: here Aunt Gertrude wiped her already polished dishes for the hundredth time, Uncle Jim repaired his favorite watch every day, which was already in order, and little Joe was playing tag with little Johnny…How were they not tired of doing the same thing every day? April, who was 9 years old, would definitely be bored. Mother often told her that she was already an adult lady and should behave appropriately. So why didn’t others behave this way?

At first everything seemed strange. Why did her cousin Charlotte not respond to hugs, and her brother Tom to punches, which had always been their daily ritual? She touched people, but they…didn’t see her. At first, April got fun, she could do all sorts of nasty things, slipped insects under the pillows to little Joe and little Johnny, stole fresh buns from the kitchen and set Uncle Jim’s clock. Many days passed, but then … she became lonely. She couldn’t talk to anyone; she just walked around the house sadly, and felt lost. She felt that she was suffocating. That her body crumbled to dust and became invisible, but at the same time, she still continued to exist.

And then an insight flashed to her. How could she forget? She bet her brother Tom.

“If you lose, then no one will notice you and you’ll become a ghost!”

And she lost, turning into a ghost. But so many days passed and she did what she had to do, right?

Running up to her brother Tom, she spoke frantically,

“Tom, Tom, I’m tired, I don’t want anyone to ignore me anymore!”

But April only heard her brother and Uncle Jim talk,

“She’s dead, Tom. A year has passed; it’s time for you to forget her.”

“But how can I forget her if I feel her presence every day?”

“Let her go away…”

And he let her go finally allowing April to leave this house with a smile on her face, finding freedom.

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