Are computer games a potential hazard for all ages?

Nowadays computer games have become a part of our everyday life. Cell phones allow you to play on public transport, in a queue, and even during a break at school or work. More and more people prefer computer games to other leisure activities. But whether this creates a danger and whether it differs depending on the age, the questions still have to be answered.

Like all inventions, computer games have disadvantages and advantages. The most important argument why one should (As?) Consider them positives is a good influence on the development of the new generations. During the game children learn to concentrate on certain things, they have to make decisions quickly and independently that will lead to different results. Many games are also designed to train your memory. Based on this, this activity helps in self-development.

In addition, computer games act as a distraction. Many spend half an hour on the PS to relieve stress, both children and adults. Proponents believe that they let out all negative emotions while playing. It is also confirmed that you need a change between everyday activities in order to keep working productively, so some have chosen computer games to do this.

Another argument we don’t? Not allowed to mention is that sometimes computer games are an additional source of income for the adolescents and adults. You can make thousands of dollars competing in competitions, although it would cost you more than half an hour a day of your time.

The disadvantages are heavily linked to the advantages. If you are well unversed in time management, a change of pace turns into a time robber. Children forget doing their homework, avoid meeting friends, adults pay little to no attention to their families and spend the whole day in front of the screen. Often it can grow into an addiction, then it is difficult to prevent the conflicts and deal with the problem without the help of experts.

In addition, playing for a long time threatens our health. It can lead to back pain, a headache and vision problems. Opponents point out that losing will cause stress levels to rise and players to become bad-tempered and more aggressive.

In addition, many games are brutal and violent. In such games, the most important task of the players is to kill as many characters as possible from the others.

After carefully analyzing the pros and cons, I come to the conclusion that computer games can be both helpful and dangerous for all ages. To avoid a danger, it would be best, in my opinion, not to forego playing, but to define a clear period of time during the day and follow it. Parents can use it to help the children, they should also control which games they play. Adults themselves have to bear a responsibility for their own time.

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