Ariel’s Secrets

(Derailed fairytale)

You might think that you know this story very well, but are you sure about it?

Once upon a time lived a marvelous mermaid named Ariel. She lived on the bottom of the ocean but often floated to the surface to admire the sunset or the moonlight. However, she was interested not only in the sun or nature. The mermaid enjoyed meeting people and watching them. Sometimes they noticed her, although she tried to go unnoticed. So it happened this time.

However, the mermaid met not just a man, but a prince who saw Ariel and fell in love with a splendid sea creature at first sight. The prince was so fascinated by the girl’s beauty that he immediately wanted her to become his wife.

The mermaid was not surprised by such an offer, because it was not the first time when young men were so delighted with her amazing appearance that offered her their hearts and hands. However, they saw her for the first time and were not even interested in her soul searches.

So Ariel learned the situation and selected some fun. She agreed to the prince’s proposal, but on the condition that he would leave his life on land and go with her to the ocean. The prince agreed without any hesitations. The mermaid kissed the young man, thus giving him the opportunity to breathe underwater and to swim to the bottom of the ocean together with her.

But as soon as the ‘lovers’ found themselves in the place where the mermaid lived, Ariel used charms and turned the prince into her new pet – a seahorse! As you may have guessed, the mermaid had many such ‘sea inhabitants.’ So, if you suddenly meet a gorgeous girl by the ocean next time, make sure that she’s not a mermaid!

P.S. Or just better leave her alone.

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