Asymmetry Of Human Face?

Spiritual beauty in more important!

(opinion article)

“Take care of your inner, spiritual beauty. That will reflect in your face.”
(Dolores Del Rio)

In this article we will try to understand some properties of a human face and the situation when so many people don’t like their own photos. What should be done in this case?

Rather often the left and right sides of a human face are not the same and are also slightly asymmetrical.

Let`s look at the asymmetry of the face of Abraham Lincoln.

Asymmetry the human face is very clearly visible in the famous photo of Abraham Lincoln. Actually that is the close-up front photo of the face of A.Lincoln, although his torso is slightly turned. In the first photo you can see the original photograph, the second is a mirror image of it, the third is composed of two left halves, the fourth is made of two right sides. The last two pictures vividly illustrate the described effect.

The asymmetry of a woman’s face.

People are so much accustomed to this phenomenon, they may even see two completely different images while looking at the same person from two sides. As for our friends and relatives, we could even not notice the asymmetry of their faces. The psychological moments influence it.

But this phenomenon still manifests itself in a very interesting way. The fact is that people see themselves in mirrors where their faces are reflected left to right. They get used to this “mirror” appearance. But all the other people and cameras see people in a real way, without flipping.

Therefore, most people do not like their images in the photos. Although the image of Lincoln in the first photo looks better than the second one. Mirrors and pictures do not change reality. In addition, for other people, the image of some person they know in the photo seems familiar, which means as beautiful as the person really is because other people and cameras equally correctly see the real person.

For strangers, there is no difference in what they see in the photo of another person because they are not yet accustomed to his or her appearance.  For example, for us reading these lines, the first and second photos of Lincoln are the same from an aesthetic point of view, although he himself, accustomed to his mirror image (i.e., to the second photo), apparently perceived his true photos (first photo) as  very ugly images.

But what if you still want to start liking yourself in the photo?  There are several recipes:

Reflect your photos from left to right.  You will see yourself familiar and you will like your photo.  But this method has a very big minus: only you like this photo because the rest of your friends will suddenly see your reflection, and in turn, they will see “something is not right” and “ugly” because they are used to seeing you in the photo and in the reality in the same way.  Therefore, it is better to keep these photos for yourself, but still post the original versions of the photos on social networks.

Choose a plastic doctor and save money for a future operation to ruin completely your natural beauty.

Do not look in the mirror at all, but take selfies instead.  In this case, you will constantly see yourself as real and gradually get used to your real image, and you will start liking your photos in which you are again depicted as real.

Pay more attention to your spiritual beauty. They say that the more beautiful a girl inside the more attractive she looks outside. As once K. Gibran said, “Beauty is not in the face but is a light in the heart.” I have nothing to add. Bye-bye…

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