Athlete! In My Dreams

(ironic essay)

Sport is my dream. Sport is something I always miss. Every evening I decide what physical exercises I should do to develop different muscle groups next day, and every morning I think that I am a bit tired and there is no necessity to hurry up. Though no matter what, you always want to lose weight and make your body slimmer.

Once a week, when I say that I plan to lose my weight, while lying on a sofa and listening to my ideas to go on a diet, my Dad immediately supports: “Yes, don’t eat anything, because look, your sides are already hanging, you got too fat!” . Although I’m actually pretty skinny, this is his way of showing what a stupid idea I came up with.

From all this, I want to conclude that this evening I will say firmly once again, “Jogging and fitness are waiting for me tomorrow!” Undoubtedly, tomorrow morning I will yawn and hide my head under my warm pillow. In any case I am a girl of character, what is said, is done. Besides, everyone would agree that I have a dream! Yeah! Sport is my dream! Athlete is in my dreams!

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