We often hear about this or that author that his style is one of the main advantages of his works. Indeed, someone’s writing style is catchy, while someone’s reading is very difficult. In this article, we’ll talk about how that very special style develops and how to come to it yourself.

How to work on a style? I guess that only practice will help here: collect as much information as possible and write. I you want to improve it, it is a good idea to read your works to folks and friends, not forgetting to collect feedback. So what should you do?

Read a lot. And read like a writer. That is, pay attention to form and content from a professional point of view. It enriches vocabulary, helps to learn new techniques, to push on interesting ideas.

Without reading, there is no real education, there is no and there can be no taste, no word, no multilateral breadth of understanding; Goethe and Shakespeare are equal to the whole university. Reading man goes through centuries.”

Alexander Herzen

Don’t just read. Try to take any information as an object for a possible writing exercise.

No, no, books won’t give you everything you want at once. Look for it by yourself wherever you can – in old gramophone records, in old films, in old friends. Look for it in the nature around you, in yourself. Books are just one of the containers where we store what we are afraid to forget. There is no mystery in them, no magic. The magic is only in what they say, in the way they sew the pieces of the universe into a single whole.” 

Ray Bradbury

Write a lot. Practice makes perfect! It helps you understand what your favorite techniques are and work out your weaknesses.

One has to write poetry every day, just as a violinist or pianist must certainly play his instrument for several hours every day without missing a beat. Otherwise, your talent will inevitably become scarce, dry up, like a well, from where water is not taken for a long time.”

Ivan Bunin

Don’t imitate! You can write parodies for practice, but don’t copy the style of a popular writer to retrace his path to success. It doesn’t work like that: people are attracted to identity.

There is no point in writing what has already been written before you – if you cannot do it better. A writer nowadays has to write either something absolutely unique, or overcome the dead classics that is, write a book on the same topic, but much better. The only way to be successful in this business is to compete with the dead.” 

Ernest Hemingway

Be yourself. This paragraph continues the previous one. You are already unique. You just need to be noticed by the readers. Do not be too scrupulous, do not put pressure on yourself, the right words will be found.

If you have any other ideas, you are welcome! With great pleasure I would look them through.

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