Autumn Gifts

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October 22.2020. In Rivne city school number three, children and teachers organized an exhibition ‘Gifts of Autumn.’

This exhibition is held annually. To show how rich nature is in autumn and to show the creative abilities of children. Pupils bring their products made of autumn leaves, chestnuts, vegetables, fruits and display them in the hallway under the number of their class, and then consider the work of other classes.

It is always an amusing event that makes children happy. Fifth-grader Olena says, “I always look forward to this exhibition. And I think in advance what I will do. For example, this year I made a hedgehog from pumpkins, matches and apples.” Teachers are also involved in this exhibition. “We evaluate the work of each class and choose the best. The winning class receives sweets and gratitude,” says Deputy Director Larysa Vasylivna.

So, as it became known this year, the best products were in the 5th-B class. However, everyone tried, so the children were happy and enjoyed the fruits of their craft.

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