(flash story)

It was a gloomy gelid morning. The night frost has not yet melted. Everyone in the camp except Faith was still sound asleep. The girl destroyed the remnants of drowsiness with a mug of strong coffee. She needs to be in snappy shape on the day of the first reconnaissance. Disgusting monsters again began to emerge from the cracks and climb to the camp.

According to an ancient book, when people began to fight, there was a split in the earth, from which creatures began to climb. It was a punishment for violating peacetime and killing thousands of innocent people.

The Assails (as the defenders called themselves) defended the civilians from various evil spirits that escaped several times a year. They never tried to talk peacefully, only ruthlessly destroyed monsters.

Faith took her favorite crossbow, arrows, and ran into the woods. Her hair fluttered in the wind, her eyes glittered hostilely. In the woods, the girl pricked up her ears. Something rustled. Faith began to aim at the place where the sound came from, but it turned out to be just a raven. The girl exhaled calmly, lowered her crossbow and was about to leave, when she heard from the branch where the crow was sitting:

“Be careful, there are many of them today. Maybe you should try to talk to them?”

“Do you think I can’t do it myself? And do they know how to talk? These ruthless creatures that destroy entire nations,” the fact that the crow spoke, did not surprise her.

“Of course you can handle it. But is it worth it? So much blood shed for nothing…Think about my words.”

“The bird was not asked for advice,” Faith hissed angrily and continued to make her way through the thickets.

Suddenly someone attacked her. This one looked like a man, only was very pale and had considerable fangs. He hugged the girl’s shoulders.

“Sister, what are you doing here? Don’t you know that reconnaissance is coming soon?” The stranger whispered anxiously.

Blood froze in Faith’s veins. The vampire was very close, and the silver arrow, unfortunately, she left at home, because she was sure she would not come across him. Due to frequent hunting, some races of monsters became extinct. Vampires were included in this number.

“Hey… I was just going to the reconnaissance camp to drink blood,” the girl lied to get rid of the vampire and carefully removed his hands.

“You’re gone mad! We haven’t drunk human blood in a long time. And you would have died the most stupid death if you had invaded into the seed of evil.”

“Why is it evil? And if they are defending their own territories?”

“Are you kidding?! They have been killing us for thousands of years just because they are afraid of us. And we are just taking revenge on them. Why are you protecting them?” The stranger was indignant.

“But I’m just tired of these endless battles,” she shrugged.

“They should get what they deserve. By the way, what’s your name? I see you for the first time,” when the vampire looked up, Faith has already escaped.

The girl rushed to the camp. Something has happened to her consciousness; she will never be the same again. Reflections on the words of the monster, who turned out to be the same defender of his territory, did not let her sleep for a long time…Maybe it was a good idea to befriend them…

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