Back to the Roots

(opinion article)

Taylor Swift, one of my favorite singers, is back to the country stage of the 2020 ACM Awards with a song from her latest album.

The 55th Academy of Country Music Awards was held on September 16, 2020 in Nashville, Tennessee, as the first major in-person award event since the outbreak of the COVID-19 pandemic. The most anticipated and exciting moment of the night was Taylor Swift’s first performance since her last appearance on this stage in the 2013. Seven years ago the artist performed a song called ‘Red’ from her fourth country studio album. After that she left the country music and transitioned into pop, releasing three studio albums in this genre. This summer Taylor surprised her fans with a release of the eighth studio album ‘folklore’ in a new genre — a mix of alternative, indie, folk and country. A pure country single called ‘betty’ was a perfect fit for Swift’s performance as a comeback to the genre and a stage she started her career from. Although she was not nominated in any categories this year, they predict she’ll get a lot of major awards in 2021.

All her Ukrainian fans, including me, are so happy!

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