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Barcelona. The city I fell in love with it in photos. The city I want to visit first on my list. A city of history, football, and beautiful streets. Miguel de Cervantes was right saying, “Barcelona, archives of courtesy, shelter of the foreigners, hospital of the poor, father-land of the brave, the vengeance of the offended and pleasant correspondence of firm friendship, and in the site, and in beauty, unique.”

Barcelona is Spain’s main tourist pearl and the second largest city of the Iberian Peninsula. Its architectural masterpieces and numerous unique museums attract hundreds of thousands of tourists every year. Many artists have made it here, most notably the Catalan genius of architecture, Antonio Gaudi, whose name has long since become a synonym for Barcelona, ​​and his landmarks are the hallmark of the city.

I have a few places I want to visit in Barcelona:

1. La Rambla Boulevard is a cult place in Barcelona. It is difficult to find a traveler who would not visit La Rambla when coming to Barcelona. For many years, it has been a favorite pedestrian street in the city, and walking is a must-have ritual. The length of the street is 1.2 kilometers. The boulevard starts from Piazza Catalunya, passes between Raval and the Gothic Quarter, ends at the Christopher Columbus Monument.

2. Plaza Catalunya is one of Barcelona’s most popular squares. It is located between the Old Town and the Example district. Two of Barcelona’s most famous streets — Rambla and the Passage of Grace (Passeig de Gracia) — originate from Catalonia’s square, a true showcase of modern architecture in Example.

3. Barceloneta is the most famous beach in Barcelona. Walking along the waterfront, it is easy to get to the splendid sandy beaches and cable car station on St Sebastian’s Tower, from which you can ride in the cable car to Mount Montjuic.

4.The bunker is el-Carmen. That is the perfect place to meet the sunset or sunrise. It offers a fantastic view of the city.

I am sure that everyone who visits this city will bring with them a piece of Spanish sun, soul, and history. Or leave some of his or her own. Barcelona es mucho más! (Barcelona is much more!)

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