Be like a King-Hunter (Don`t be like stags)

“When most hunters go hunting, they think like hunters. When a king-hunter goes hunting, he thinks like a deer.”
PS: The quote is just a topic, I’m against hunting😊⠀

Read the quote twice. Hmm … It sounds ambiguous, yeah? What is a deer here for and why does a king-hunter think in such a way? Besides, to think like a deer is generally an insult to someone. Why are we trying to offend hunters?

Stop! Let`s try to think reasonably and give an answer:

Who can catch prey faster? ⠀

  1. A person who simply looks for it with a glance

(“Ah, no, boys, I don’t see anyone here!”) ⠀

  1. ⠀A person who knows where deer usually hang out, where they hide, what they eat, where they run, what they fear, etc.⠀

(“So, if I’m a deer, I can hide behind a tree now so that another deer which looks like a human doesn’t see me”).

It is important to cultivate empathy skills, to be able to put yourself in the place of another, and to start thinking like she / he. ⠀

It’s psychology, guys😊 in your daily life you will need it! So, keep in mind the following:

  • Learn to listen to and hear audible as well as inaudible. Do not be afraid to ask again if you do not understand. ⠀
  • Train to see the visible and invisible. Do not be afraid to look again if you do not notice.
  • It doesn’t matter what somebody says  but how we are heard. Do not afraid of your own voice. ⠀

So, develop your skills in empathy and be like a king-hunter, be smart and cool. You should observe people and hear them. And who knows, maybe, not only people…

Besides, don`t be like stags…with their childish ‘Yes’ and ‘No.’

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