Bearded Dad, Little Girl, Christmas Miracle

(Christmas story)

The Christmas story I want to tell you happened really. Although it is not about magic, it is about a true Christmas miracle! One little girl from a good family wanted to see her Dad who disappeared after a clamorous quarrel with her Mom. The cheerful Christmas atmosphere was not so cheerful for her without her shaggy baggy Dad. The family was going to celebrate… just without him. Hilarious Mom, gut-busting Grampa, and witty Grand Mom gave her so many presents and told her so many funny fairy tales! However, she was not happy about them. The little girl was longing for her father.

When the starry evening come, right at the moment of the birth of the saint infant, Jesus Christ, the girl made a wish for God to get her Dad back. She whispered about it to her mother`s ear, but she said that the person could not be returned in such a way. You could buy a doll or a doll`s house, new badminton shuttlecocks or new shoes, but not a live person. Man is not a thing. He will come if he only wants to do it.

The girl wept silently and fell asleep. She woke up late, being too upset. Her mother called her to come out to another room to see a festively decorated Christmas tree. The girl thought that once again she would be given some stupid trifle just to comfort her. She didn’t even want to go, hiding under her warm blanket.

But when the disappointed girl went out to the halls, she saw her Daddy! He came in the morning while she was still asleep. Dad returned home for good. He brought his daughter a lot of sweets and lollipops for the holiday, but the girl did not look at them at all, she was happy because her bearded Daddy came home again.

That was the most cherished Christmas present for the little good girl.

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