Outside — the boundless taiga. One man hunted a bear, but because of his harebrained blunder, he started to run away from him. He noticed the brown beast right after the shot. The brisk bear immediately started chasing the hunter.

“No, Mom, no! I’m not ready to die yet!” screams the hunter.

The hunter keeps on struggling for his life. Finally, he ran quite a decent distance and began to gasp for breath.

“I-is everything over? Am I still alive? I have never run so fast before,” he says almost breathless.

Suddenly, the grizzly-looking bear jumps out of the left side, the hunter screams with despair in his voice.

The bear pushes him being ready to tear apart.

“Ha-ha, in a while, you wouldn’t be alive,” he says mockingly.

“Are you talking? Does it happen because of my fatigue?” Hunter asks the bear being full of frustration.

“Well, it’s up to you to decide. You`d better tell me, why did you shoot me?!” the brown bear suddenly roared.

“I need your furry skin. This is my job,” he gasped with regret.

“It sounds funny,” the bear got puzzled.

“What for?” asks the old bear.

“Oh, just money…” the uncertain answer sounds.

“You sound stupid. Money? What is this, money?” he asks.

Suddenly, the hunter wakes up in his bed.

His first thought: “It’s just a dream… Thank God…”

He gets out of bed and thinks again, “What day is it today?” After thumbing through the calendar, he adds. “At dawn I have to go hunting. But I do not feel like hunting anymore…”

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