Beauty or the Beast?

(Fairy Tale)

Once upon a time in high tower lived a really beautiful girl named Bellex — as pretty outside as awful inside. She robbed banks, humiliated people and drank a lot.

Bellex was suffering from the ancient witch’s curse: every day she lost one page from the enchanted book, which meant that death was closer. However, it could be changed someday if only somebody says her, “You have a big heart!”

One rainy day our Beauty met a boy called Beast. People thought that he was the ugliest person in the town. Bellex immediately started scoffing at him. But she was really surprised when Beast just smiled to her. She couldn’t realize, “Why?”

After many efforts to hurt the Beast, Bellex understood that she likes his smizing eyes and exciting smile. That’s how their friendship flushed. The girl started protecting him from other bullers and once Beast said that powerful words, which destroyed the curse. Finally, Bellex realized that all this time only she was a real Beast with a beautiful face and ugly soul.

They lived happily ever after!

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