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How Fashion Will Change After Pandemic

(opinion article)

Today we are witnessing rapid changes in the world of industry, and the coronavirus epidemic in Italy, which began right during Milan Fashion Week, became a symbolic harbinger of this process. Then many celebrities, fashion bloggers, and fashion editors fled from the fashion capital, leaving the first rows of shows. And some designers were even forced to cancel the show or transfer them online. After returning from Italy, top editors of glossy media voluntarily retired to self-isolation and conducted their work remotely.

“This episode can be considered a kind of a miniature project plan for the development of the fashion industry in the near future: shows and sales will take place mainly online, celebrities and bloggers will lose their former influence on the industry and the opinions of subscribers and the fashion itself will become several times “closer to the people”. Of course, the industry will not disappear, but it will definitely lose its position, and its appearance is likely to undergo strong changes. “In addition, when quarantine ends, many trend-setting individuals can simply disappear if they don’t find a way to change their self-serve and lifestyle on social networks,” writes fashion journalist Ashley Karman.

The crisis and the virus have become a catalyst for the fact that a trend towards informed consumption has become clear to more people. People are becoming more aware. Therefore, the demand for the formation of a concise and rational wardrobe is becoming more apparent. It becomes important not quantity, but quality. Also, the emphasis is now on environmental friendliness in everything: in materials, actions, lifestyle, and in the future, this macro trend will only intensify.

Another innovation that the coronavirus pandemic brought to the fashion world is a complete change in the structure of the filming process. Now, in order to shoot, you do not need to rent a studio and form a large team, now it is enough to have an application FaceTime. Yes, that’s right, during quarantine the photographers organized a huge number of both personal shooting and shooting of big fashion brands using FaceTime. And this trend continues to gain momentum.

A forced quarantine pause dealt a severe blow to the global economy. As you know, the fashion industry plays an important role in its development. For example, many fashion houses that do not sell online will leave the market, and small brands will also not withstand the blow, despite the uninterrupted attempts of online service and the implementation of promotional offers. In my opinion, only the most persistent and flexible will remain. The fashion industry ‘before and after’ will change a lot.

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