Being a Publisher Means…

(opinion article)

I have already written what it means to be an editor. But there is another part of the profession: publishing. Being a publisher also cuts both ways.

Being a publisher means sleeping on a pillow of books, using a book instead of a tray, and carrying a notebook with you at all times. This means that you dream of contracts and royalties. This means that today you are happy camper and tomorrow you will be a loser…

Being a publisher means that you constantly quarrel with the dodgy printing house. This means that you are always tearing the hair on your head due to the rising cost of paper. That means you every morning are as busy as a bee and instead of blood molecules you have coffee grains. This means that the book is an epic fail, but you still publish it…

Being a publisher means back-breaking participating in the rat race. This means that you know you’re done, but you start again from scratch…This means that you dream of writing your own book and try to save on royalties. This means that you have to bite the bullet and start negotiations with competitors.

Being a publisher means that you figure out  discussion of readers on Facebook. This means that you are constantly thinking about where to get money and how to find grant programs. This means that you love the smell of a new book. That means you’re a soft and, at the same time, a hard nut to crack.

Being a publisher means that you love your work. You love books, royalties, constant checks, grants, authors, nerves and coffee. You just love your profession. Now do you understand what it means to be a publisher?

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