‘Benjamin Franklin’ by Walter Isaacson

(book review)

The essence of Franklin was that he was a person endowed with public consciousness. He was more concerned with social behavior than with inner piety, and was more interested in the construction of the Human City than the divine, Maximus, which he proclaimed during his first trip to London. Pure catholicity, but also the belief that benevolence must be the universal virtue of society. As Poor Richard said, “He who drinks his own cider, let him catch his own horse.”

Surely everyone knows how $ 100 looks like, at least most do.

Yes, due to the fact that Franklin was honored to be depicted on it, we suggest that he should have been an outstanding and extraordinary person.

Benjamin Franklin is an iconic figure not only in American but also in the world history. He was one of the founding fathers of the United States, public and political figure, diplomat, researcher and inventor, publisher and author.

But he is probably best known for the fact that since 1914 his portrait has adorned a $ 100 bill, so whatever the attitude to the United States in different countries, the portrait of Benjamin Franklin is a source of admiration, especially when these ‘Franklins’ are in your pocket.

How did Benjamin Franklin deserve this real immortality? He really honestly deserved it. This is exactly what you can learn from the book by Walter Isaacson. The author was able to fully describe and present in detail to the reader Benjamin Franklin, as a person really outstanding, but at the same time a person without jewelry and without any labels. The book is quite unbiased, so to speak, what was, was, but it’s really hard, after reading the book, not to admire the figure of Franklin.

Benjamin Franklin was, is and probably will be the most famous man in the USA. [Of course, not without the help of the same $ 100].

However, many misunderstand the figure of Ben Franklin, blaming him as the first president of the United States. By the way, he was never the President of the USA since the first President, George Washington, took office in 1789. At that time, Benjamin was already 83 years old. But he was the founding father of a free America, who, among other delegates, signed the Act of Independence on July 4, 1776. He was also a publisher, journalist, diplomat and inventor. This man combined many talents and abilities, although like all people he was not devoid of eccentricities, especially in family life, women and the attitude of children and grandchildren to his family. So 200 years later, he was clearly destined to become a business coach, financial or personal development consultant. Reading his autobiography, I often caught myself thinking that I had already heard these phrases and read these quotes. I realized that most modern gurus have just borrowed their Franklin. Even Dale Carnegie in his book used Franklin’s methods and secrets of gaining friends and influencing people. By the way, Carnegie made millions on his books. Franklin lived a long life [84 years, it was a lot at the time] and made a really invaluable contribution to America. This is a person who definitely has something to teach.

Reading such biographies, you are involuntarily inspired not just by fictional characters, but by a real living figure. Of course, times have changed dramatically and the ways and methods that helped Benjamin get to the top of recognition are no longer working. However, some truths remain unchanged. So, I recommend this book to read. Though, it is very voluminous, but extremely exciting. Much more meaningful and useful than modern motivational non-fiction books.

My rating: 10/10

You ought to read it. It is important!

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