Berlin Wall

As a result of the Second World War, Germany became the border zone of the bipolar world between the Soviet Union and the West. The most difficult test was the construction of the Berlin Wall, which clearly showed where the border of the worlds lies.

It was built in the record time – one night. Those who left home to visit relatives, could not go back the next morning. People were confused. A postal worker didn`t deliver correspondence to their homes, a kindergarten was left without a teacher. Many have lost their jobs. Those who tried to illegally cross the wall were either arrested or killed. The Cold War was in full swing.

Naturally, such a step caused a violent reaction. Demonstrations for the demolition of the wall didn`t stop. But the result was brought only by new winds of “perestroika.” In 1987, during a rock concert outside the Reichstag building, there was a major riot in Berlin. Internal processes within the USSR did not allow to restrain the artificial division of Germany any longer. On November 9, 1989, the wall fell.

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