Best Meow Friend

(magic realism story)

It is the Halloween night. The light is still glowing in the kitchen of the small flat on the outskirts of Kyiv. Anna pulls out the tray with baked fragrant meat from the oven. She slices it on a couple of pieces and puts them on the plates. The pink plate will be left by her in the kitchen, the blue one will be put near her bed, the green plate will be placed at the door. As for the white, red and violet, she will put them near her mirror. The yellow and orange will go on the windowsills, and the black plate will be left by her in the wardrobe, where Myrchik likes to sleep.

Anna does not really think that this will work out. She has not performed any rituals till this moment and has even never come to Kharacternik`s* hall in the Vernadsky National Library. Not knowing why but today Anna accidently enters it…

While she is taking her seat in the reading hall, a librarian comes to Anna and says that he has a striking book for her. Anna has not seen him till this moment: she would have remembered if she had seen the man with oseledec**. Anna does not like when somebody interrupts her from reading that is why she says that she does not need any help. However she can`t concentrate being disturbed by various noises. Still she hears the steps of the librarian, who approaches Anna for some reason again.

“Lady, I am sure that one book will catch your interest.”

“Thanks, but I am working now.”

The concentration on her work gradually disappeared, but girl tries to keep on learning the text. When the librarian with oseledec comes to her for the third, Anna finally gives up.

“Fine, show me that book.”

“It is in another hall. I will lead you.”

It is just around the corner. It looks like a beautiful big room with lots of books. The names of the books sound weird, for example ‘Panibratstvo*** in all dimensions,’ ‘Magic against tatars.’ But her eyes are caught by a huge ceiling picture portraying a fierce Cossack fight.

“It`s nice here, but you wanted to show me some book, right?”

“Yes, you can take it home. I am so sorry, but I must close this hall right now… You may return to your previous work.”

Not knowing what to say, Anna automatically hides the book into the bag and leaves the library. Only at home she considers the book given by a strange librarian carefully. The book seems expensive: the cover of the book was sheathed with leather and garnished with gems. And such a pricey book was given to her!

On the first page Anna reads the title of the book ‘The Return of the pet- pobratym****.’ Of course, the girl does not believe in magic. But it is Halloween – the time of miracles, and Anna wants to spend this day with her Myrchik so mush. So, she keeps on reading. The book appears to be very short. There is described only one ritual that does not look as dark magic. Why no to try? It will not get worse anyway.

So, Anna prepares the dish that her dead pet liked, at it is written in the book. While cooking, the girl starts thinking about her love to Myrchik and how she misses him. Then she places food at all entrances, windows, and doors, where her pet loved to stay.

Nothing changes in the morning; only a stain appears on the blouse. Then Anna decides to check out the strange book. When Anna asks all workers at the library about the man with oseledec, the stuff say that they are unfamiliar with him.

The shocked girl comes back home. Being tired, Anna goes to her bedroom to have a nap. When she enters the bedroom, she sees Myrchik. The cat looks a bit see-through, but the girl recognized her M-y-y-y-rchik. When the pet notices Anna, the ghost-cat meows happily and rushes towards her. The girl pats and strokes him with her shaking hands being full of happiness. The ghost-cat turned into a warm steam figure!

Now Myrchik is always at home, though no one except Anna is able to see him.

This is how Kharacterniks hall made happy one more person. In that way they celebrated Veless***** Day, because the Cossacks noticed that the old Gods like getting presents and sacrifices this day and night long…

*Kharacternik – it is a Cossack with magic abilities.
**Oseledec – it is Cossack`s haircut in XVII–XIX century.
*** Panibratstvo – it is a very strong friendship.
**** Pobratym – it is called brother or close friend, or friend in fight.
***** Veles – it is god of riches, livestock, trade, music, art, poetry and god of death.

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